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 5-Man Combiner

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PostSubject: 5-Man Combiner   5-Man Combiner Icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 11:15 am

A common question is how to add the 5th member of the Combiner Team into the gestalt they were initially left out of. Here's what I do:

5-Man Combiner Pbucket
Essentially the official build, but the 5th member replaces the "core" bot as an arm. I use both the torso and legs (which are rotated) to make a more complete hand -- MUCH better than those stubby T. rex fingers. The 'core' robot's legs aren't used anywhere, and you need a 6th torso from somewhere (that's what the humans and "Energon-ized" torsos are for!), but it's a fairly simple and effective re-build.
And as a bonus you don't have to keep popping the gestalt's arms on and off whenever you (un)combine; you just keep them permanently on the human/Energon/extra torso.

If you got your own solutions, post them!
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5-Man Combiner
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